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Author A.H. Scott doles out a punishment of power, pride and passion in this tale of explosive encounters and ribald release.

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In 1747 France, the Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour was a man of power and position. Philippe's noble title gave him liberation of his most secret yearnings of debauchery. The Duke's favorite past-time was taking female peasants under his wing as lovers and traveling companions across the French countryside.

This is "The Sentence Of Anna".

Anna's sentence at times, would have been intolerable to a lesser woman of her immature age. But, what she gained under the strict tutelage of Philippe was the skills of maturity and demure sophistication.

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The Sentence Of Anna


A.H. Scott

(‘Punishment Ever So Sweet, Can Be Beyond A Midnight's Treat’)

Anna sat blushing, as she watched the sword play between Philippe and his friend, Valery. When both men finished their round of physical exertion, she rose with a silver pitcher of libation for them.

"Gentle sirs, I have brought some refreshment", batting lashes at Philippe she smiled. Hair the color of coal and skin color of champagne, Anna was a most desirable dame of decadence.

Forest green, silk dress with white lace neckline and frills at forearms, gave Anna a glow of an emerald.

She after all was Philippe’s gem.

"This pleases me, Anna", man with blonde hair held a cup and waited to be served by her.

Philippe's partner in this sword play was handed a cup and she also poured some cool liquid for him.

Being the mistress of a married nobleman in France, was a life that Anna never sought out. Alas, when Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour came to her village when she was 17, this powerful man chose this raven haired young woman.

Anna's father and mother had been provided with a small monthly allotment from Philippe. By age 20, she'd accompanied him on several journeys around the countryside. Three years as his mistress gave Anna entree into a world beyond the peasant class.

Her beauty pleased him. This kept Anna a woman worthy of a Paramour.

Philippe could be harsh when Anna didn't follow his various orders for her. One of these came when staying at the villa of an old friend of the Duke's family.

The Terrance family had been equine trainers and breeders for the French royalty for over two hundred years.

Villa and stables were surrounded by a medium sized pasture on one side and a small river on the other side.

Valery Terrance's graying hair had a layering of waves atop his head. In younger days, Valery’s golden hair set him apart from his older brother with dark brown hair,

His athletic physique was quite limber, compared to portly Philippe. Both men met in their early teens. What bound them as friends was their love of fencing and females.

Philippe had brought many of his comforting companions through Valery’s villa over the years.

Anna was just the spicy flavor of this moment in April.

The Duke of Givenchy had a penchant for peasant girls to be swept up in the world of wealth and privilege, which only a nobleman could afford.

A skeleton household staff at the villa or its surroundings for this visit by Philippe and Anna were a quartet of stablemen in the connecting stables down the dusty road from the main house.

Past midnight, Valery came upon something that would make his eyes water. Terrance's villa had their doors removed during spring and summer months, which left only a partition between each bed chamber in the form of thick, burgundy colored fabric.

As the villa's owner sauntered past the bed chamber of Anna, he could hear her moaning. "Stop it, please", Anna panted.

Valery felt an impulse to see what was happening on the other side of that heavy curtain. Finding an opening quickly, his mouth was aghast.

Anna, with arms wrapped around one of the bedposts on a large sized bed, was naked and shivering as the wind blew around that luscious body.

Philippe's left hand was adorned with a thick, gold ring on his middle finger. Smacking ass, she twitched. The ring's outline was left on her soft skin. "You've been a very disobedient, Anna", he spoke with authority.

He’d turned the design of the ring on the palm-side, which imprinted a small lion upon her ass.

Anna would always be corrected by Philippe, for some things this young woman didn’t even realize

It hadn’t been the first time she’d been corrected by her lover.

Accustomed to being accosted in such ways by the Duke of Givenchy, young Anna had become a quite pliable playmate for Paramour.

"Ooh", tugging on one of the green, silk sashes that held her hands in place, "I don't know what came over me".

end of excerpt

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