Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden Rules & Camouflage Fools

Golden Rules & Camouflage Fools


A.H. Scott

As I've been considering the events that have been occurring between North and South Korea, I wanted to give my take on what's going across these many miles, languages, and cultural boundaries.

Never a scholar or expert on this thorny subject, I'm giving a very blunt opinion. Sometimes, it's best to boil the superficial words of sophistication down to it's bare core.

And, that for this citizen of the United States of America is the following - one of the two halves of the Korean peninsula is under an unpleasant illusion.

South Korea's real problem is, it has no balls. It's backbone and false bravado come not from their own power. But, from the shadow which superimposes their frame. 

It is easy to threaten North Korea, if you obviously have the biggest bully on the block back you up.

Now, if South Korea is so big and bad with their Northern neighbors, they should be about to stand on their own. And, that means one thing. They send their own army to fight the North, alone.

South Korea reminds me of the fortunate child, who is favored in golden light. And, with any favored son, there is the blackened bastard son, who is ignored, chastised and always disrespected. Events of today in the North and South,  go back to when the country was divided by outside entities all those years ago in the past.

Well, the demeaned sibling of the Korean peninsula has boded their time in the shadows of being despised, by amassing the power they desire to get the world's attention. 

And, by constantly attacking Kim Jung-IL as crazy, only makes things worse. To belittle the leadership of North Korea, is pointless at this moment in time. Anyone with a little common sense, should realize that one key reason why North Koreans have the nuclear capability now, is because they want respect. And, respect doesn't come from words. It comes from actions. And, one of the most potent actions of the modern day, is having nuclear capability. The North Koreans have arrived. 

I consider it the arrogance of infantilization. Seems to me that it's perfectly alright for certain countries to have nuclear weapons. And, for the moment, I won't get into the hypocrisy of the United States in dealing with this situation. 

What I'd like to touch on briefly, is the factor of nation's of Euro-centric nature, having this attitude of heavenly imbued maturity. And, dismissively patting other countries on the head for being disobedient adolescents.

A simple question that I throw out to the universe is this:

Why is it that when a non-European country has nuclear ambitions, the Euro-centric countries get their white gloves in a twist?

Western countries and notable persons within them, think they always know the best way to control every corner of the world.

And, as Senator John McCain (R-AZ) speaks about regime change in North Korea, the clip clap of those quartet of horses can be heard in the distance.

Manhood isn't measured by the ability to negotiate. It's measured by whose arsenal is flushed. And, the matching resolve to take action.

In the case of North Korea's regime being taken out by some dark force, those who are sitting thousands of miles away, should get in shape and put on their Kevlar.

Two wars are already paid for off the proverbial books. Unemployment benefits have been snuffed out. But, now the clippity clap of further military action in another segment of our planet is causing some to drool with defense contractor glee.

I believe it's beyond Kim Jung-Il being considered a madman in a solo freestyle dance. The mutual mambo between the West and the East is in some ways an ultimate performance of over-promoted virility.

A few simple words in a Spearhead song say it better than I every could:

"We can chase down all our enemies
Bring them to their knees
We can bomb the world to pieces
But we can't bomb it into peace"

With those lyrics of brilliance, this is where I get off my rant.

For now, this is A.H. Scott signing off.


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